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last updated:April 19, 2007
What is Rabbit Agility?

It is an exciting new sport for rabbits and their people.  The rabbits run, they jump jumps, they go up and down ramps, and through tunnels.  Both rabbits and humans have a great time doing it.
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Choosing the Agility Bunny

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Other resources

You can order the book Rabbit Agility! What's That? from Lulu press.  It is available as a color paperback, black and white paperback, or downloadable e-book.
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You can also join our e-mail list at YahooGroups to discuss your progress.
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Rabbit Agility Classes

If you happen to live in Minnesota, in the Twin Cities Area, you can take classes at the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley.
Check out the Animal Humane Society here.
On Saturday, April 14th, the Hennepin Hoppers 4H club hosted a Spring Agility Trial.  Eleven rabbits showed up to compete.  Unfortunately, our usual photographer had to work, so we only have a few photos of the day.